Newborn Photography Orange County Style — Setting Up A Scene

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Adorable little suitcase for newborn

I’m setting up a newborn photography session in about a week and I’m going to be using a suitcase and faded wooden floor drop.  Found out (very) recently that the new mommy and daddy love to travel so the suitcase is going to work.

I’ll need to still find some faux fur for the newborn photography shoot  to make the inside of the suitcase comfortable to the newborn and added cuteness.  A few things to keep in mind about newborn photography is that it can and will be messy — that’s why the faux fur, blankets, fluff, etc need to be able to capture spit-up, urine, and so on — and be washable.   Also, these materials need to be hypo-allergenic — the last thing you want during a newborn photography session is the newborn having a skin rash/irritation — it can end the session.  Needless to say these materials need to be washed with a hypoallergenic baby detergent.

Thinking about some other adorable accouterments for this shoot that I can find at a hobby store — old passport, ticket stubs, etc.   I think just adding in the faux fur might be enough.  But making the scene too busy will distract from the newborn photography session, because it’s all about the newborn.  The props role in newborn photography is to enhance the newborn’s cuteness and not distract.

Posing the newborn with this suitcase doesn’t seem to pose many challenges.  Although, preventing the open suitcase from closing won’t be that much of a challenge since the lid is lite.  Something wedged, like the faux fur, between the lid and the base of the suitcase will prevent that.  Posing during this newborn photography session will probably be on top, on the side, and inside of the suitcase.

I’ll have to pose a couple of shots afterwards to show how it went.  The shoot will most likely happen at the parents house (99,5%) likely.