Great Wedding Appetizers your Guests will Want to Eat

Here is a great article I saw regarding wedding appetizers that your guests will die for.   But as I am looking at the list of nice appetizers I wonder how hard it will be able to find a vendor that offers these sort of appetizers.  I the photographer so I rarely eat appetizers because it’s not too professional and if I get oil on my lens.    Usually themes guide appetizers.

Here’s that list:

Indian Engagement Party

A very happy couple at a recent engagement party that I shot in Southern California.  The wonderful colors they selected (mainly the purple) came out amazing in these photos.  This engagement party lasted abit longer than anticipated.  But I was glad to take photos of their guests that were coming up to the couple to wish them well.  This engagement party couple was very happy with their photos — especially after I made one of my signature video slideshow for them with engagement photo.

This was a traditional Indian engagement party with many guests. amazing food, and gifts.  In this engagement party the elders have to be present until anybody can eat — so it wasn’t until about 9pm that people started eating but it was well worth the wait.  The engagement party was at Knott’s Berry Hotel.



Southern California Photographer Robb Report

5 Reasons Bridesmaids Drop Out And What To Do


Grooms and Brides-to-be soon will be wearing many hats when it comes to their wedding planning.  Sometimes issues come into the planning.  Fortunately there are lots of places to find great advice.

2014 Wedding Pricing List

I posted the new 2014 wedding price list here:

The good part of the list is that it is comprehensive, the bad part is that (as my wife notes) a little involved.  I’m working on a very aesthetically pleasing pricing list that will be available “soonish”.