Heart Association Annual Run (3/7/2015)

I was a glad to see all the people that came out to the event! This was the third event that that I have covered for the American Heart Association.

To view the photos Jeffrey Lee of took, please copy link:


If you are looking for the Annual Heart Ball, please visit here: life event photographer

American Heart Association Fund Raiser

Last Sunday, I had the honor to volunteer my time to be the sole photographer to photograph a poker fundraiser “Hold’em For Heart”, by the America Heart Association at Angel Stadium in Anaheim.  The event took place in the prestigious Diamond Club and in all the event helped raise over $100,000!

Many great organizations that do good in the community can’t afford a professional photographer —  and that’s where I can help.  By provide meaningful and impactful photos to help an organization like the American Heart Association reach its sponsorship goals.

Take a look at this video slideshow I created of the images:







Newborn Photography Orange County Style — Setting Up A Scene

Newborn photographer Orange County Life Event Photograpjer

Adorable little suitcase for newborn

I’m setting up a newborn photography session in about a week and I’m going to be using a suitcase and faded wooden floor drop.  Found out (very) recently that the new mommy and daddy love to travel so the suitcase is going to work.

I’ll need to still find some faux fur for the newborn photography shoot  to make the inside of the suitcase comfortable to the newborn and added cuteness.  A few things to keep in mind about newborn photography is that it can and will be messy — that’s why the faux fur, blankets, fluff, etc need to be able to capture spit-up, urine, and so on — and be washable.   Also, these materials need to be hypo-allergenic — the last thing you want during a newborn photography session is the newborn having a skin rash/irritation — it can end the session.  Needless to say these materials need to be washed with a hypoallergenic baby detergent.

Thinking about some other adorable accouterments for this shoot that I can find at a hobby store — old passport, ticket stubs, etc.   I think just adding in the faux fur might be enough.  But making the scene too busy will distract from the newborn photography session, because it’s all about the newborn.  The props role in newborn photography is to enhance the newborn’s cuteness and not distract.

Posing the newborn with this suitcase doesn’t seem to pose many challenges.  Although, preventing the open suitcase from closing won’t be that much of a challenge since the lid is lite.  Something wedged, like the faux fur, between the lid and the base of the suitcase will prevent that.  Posing during this newborn photography session will probably be on top, on the side, and inside of the suitcase.

I’ll have to pose a couple of shots afterwards to show how it went.  The shoot will most likely happen at the parents house (99,5%) likely.






New Mat Options Are Available

You’ve seen framed pictures where there is a large photo and three smaller photos below it.  Well that’s the “mat sizes”.  The attachment is a PDF file with a ton of mat options to make your photos standout.


Let me know if you have questions.


Loving the Video Slideshow Styles

I’ve had the opportunity to use very powerful video slideshow tools and I am offering them as a great way to showcase your wonderful photos that are easily sharable on social media sites.  These slideshows have been well received.  There are about 20 different styles to suit any event and occasion.  Ask about them!

Here’s are several examples:


Stock Photography

Wedding FlowerOriginally when I first started photography I thought that I’d just be doing stock photography almost entirely. Stock photography is photos where you have an orange displayed isolated on a white background and you sell that photo to a clearing house and people like designers, advertisers, book makers, etc. would want that images and pay money to use it. I wish I had gotten into it about 20 years ago when stock photography was making some photographers good money. Now there are so many pictures and so many different sites to upload your photos.

First Blogging Post

I’ve refrained from posting in a blog because “blogging” seemed so yesterday, but I enjoy writing and show casing photos that I hope are interesting. Looking forward to making this work for the new year! Welcome to blog post #1…..