GrandChildren Photos for 50th Anniversary

So what did you do for your parent’s 50th Anniversary?  Well for this family, they surprised their parents with an amazing large print of their younger Grandchildren.

Because one family was out of state it took some good coordination. Usually the coordinator is generally a sister, that is just like an air traffic controller that can land a dozen airplanes, at the same time, on the same runway, without breaking a sweat.  Okay that analogy was way too good not to stop, but luckily everything was coordinated and it worked out great!

We went to a park in Riverside and took various scenic photos.  I put together this great video slideshow of their session to help the memories last.




Annual Heart Ball 2015

The American Heart Association held their annual fund raising ball at the Ritz-Carlton in Dana Point, CA.  This is a great venue with a wonderful beach line, architecture, food, service, etc.

I was invited to take photos of this amazing event and you can view my work here:

I also created a great video of the event.






Heart Association Annual Run (3/7/2015)

I was a glad to see all the people that came out to the event! This was the third event that that I have covered for the American Heart Association.

To view the photos Jeffrey Lee of took, please copy link:


If you are looking for the Annual Heart Ball, please visit here: life event photographer

American Heart Association Fund Raiser

Last Sunday, I had the honor to volunteer my time to be the sole photographer to photograph a poker fundraiser “Hold’em For Heart”, by the America Heart Association at Angel Stadium in Anaheim.  The event took place in the prestigious Diamond Club and in all the event helped raise over $100,000!

Many great organizations that do good in the community can’t afford a professional photographer —  and that’s where I can help.  By provide meaningful and impactful photos to help an organization like the American Heart Association reach its sponsorship goals.

Take a look at this video slideshow I created of the images:







Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Please see the video of my little guy Justin.