Adorable First Birthday Party

Had the pleasure of photographing a very adorable 1 year old last month.  It had a great banana theme and took place in a huge backyard.  First birthday parties are very fun to shoot because family and friends are always wanting to pose with the 1st birthday boy or girl.  In this case it was a handsome boy.  When I shoot a first birthday, I get their early and photograph the details — capturing the details is very important — it helps sets the mood for the photos and the telling of the first birthday story!  Also with a first birthday, getting their early will allows me to meet the “stakeholders” (usually parents, but also grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc) and getting a great feel from them what is important.

First birthday parties are amazingly fun and are a ton of work and organization, so enjoy the time and let a photographer take amazing photos for you!

Take a look at this cute video I made of the party and scroll down to see a photo (yes, actual adorable photo from the party) :


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