March 2014

5 Reasons Bridesmaids Drop Out And What To Do


Grooms and Brides-to-be soon will be wearing many hats when it comes to their wedding planning.  Sometimes issues come into the planning.  Fortunately there are lots of places to find great advice.

2014 Wedding Pricing List

I posted the new 2014 wedding price list here:

The good part of the list is that it is comprehensive, the bad part is that (as my wife notes) a little involved.  I’m working on a very aesthetically pleasing pricing list that will be available “soonish”.


New Wedding Album with Preimum Paper

The professional lab that I use to make prints, albums, etc. recently came out with a “Premium Lustre Paper” as an option for the paper to print for albums.  I ordered a sample album with this paper to get a firsthand look before offering it to clients.   They have a great turnaround time so probably in a week or so I’ll let you know how it came out!

New Mat Options Are Available

You’ve seen framed pictures where there is a large photo and three smaller photos below it.  Well that’s the “mat sizes”.  The attachment is a PDF file with a ton of mat options to make your photos standout.


Let me know if you have questions.


Update to Website Software…..

Site might be slower than normal…checking into it. Might need to go back a version to see. Sorry for any performance issues.

15 Stages Every Bride Goes Through

This is really funny….