February 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Photo Gallery Breakins…


Several of the large photo gallery like ZenFolio and SmugMug recently experienced break-ins of photo galleries.

None of our photo galleries were broken into because I am overly concerned about security and have strong passwords on the photo Galleries and or email validation.

Additionally, all the images are Digimarc meaning that there’s a specific, non-removable digital marker on each photo so that they were ever taken I would eventually find out who took them and where they’re located at and seek legal action have those photos removed or prosecution.

Also Digimarc images is a huge deterrent to theft.




Loving the Video Slideshow Styles

I’ve had the opportunity to use very powerful video slideshow tools and I am offering them as a great way to showcase your wonderful photos that are easily sharable on social media sites.  These slideshows have been well received.  There are about 20 different styles to suit any event and occasion.  Ask about them!

Here’s are several examples: