January 2014

Site seems slow….

The site seems slow, not sure why. Probably call up the hosting company and ask if they have any idea why.

Stock Photography

Wedding FlowerOriginally when I first started photography I thought that I’d just be doing stock photography almost entirely. Stock photography is photos where you have an orange displayed isolated on a white background and you sell that photo to a clearing house and people like designers, advertisers, book makers, etc. would want that images and pay money to use it. I wish I had gotten into it about 20 years ago when stock photography was making some photographers good money. Now there are so many pictures and so many different sites to upload your photos.

First Blogging Post

I’ve refrained from posting in a blog because “blogging” seemed so yesterday, but I enjoy writing and show casing photos that I hope are interesting. Looking forward to making this work for the new year! Welcome to blog post #1…..